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Freedom of Information Act

Who is required to comply?
All US Government entities, federal, local and state and those who do business with any federal or state agency or funded institution.

What is it?

The Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, applies to all government sectors and went into effect in July 1967. It mandates that government records, documents and correspondence be disclosed to the public.

What are the requirements?

The Freedom of Information Act mandates that if you are in business with a government funded institution or a state or federal agency that you must retain all email records and business correspondence. Further, government entities must also retain email records as they subject to the FOIA.

What is the cost of non-compliance?

Heavy fines and loss of corporate/political reputation.

What is the significance of Freedom of Information compliance?

The Freedom of Information Act provides greater accountability on part of the US government and those who do business with it.