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Whether you call it Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Service Provider (MSP) or On-Demand Services, your organization uses the service running “in the cloud”. This blog will discuss these services, their benefits, drawbacks and operations. Are we biased? Yes. We believe that some services make sense for most organizations. Email security is one of those. However as Mark Twain said, “All generalizations are false, even this one.” Each Tuesday we will post information and questions about Software as a Service. Occasionally, we will have a "Guest Post" from either a consultant or vendor posting her/his thoughts on Managed Services generally as well as some degree of specificity based on her/his unique perspective. We encourage your insights, comments and feedback. Welcome.

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Web Security You Need Now


You’ve got a service or appliance to handle your email security and you’ve got anti-virus software on the desktops. So, how are you still getting infested?

  • 85% of all malware infestations now come from web browsing, web email and web applications.
  • 49% of companies allow unlimited access to social networking sites yet, social-networking sites do not monitor content for the hosting of malware.
  • Two-thirds of organizations are using at least one Web 2.0 application, yet also see these applications as a serious privacy concern.
  • Approximately 87% of SMBs have employees who use laptops for work. Studies show that 11% of mobile users also use their laptop to download porn, 4% download music and 20% play games.
  • Between the first quarter of 2005 and the end of 2007, Web-borne malware grew 540%. (Gartner, 2007)
  • 5% of heavily trafficked web sites have some sort of threat associated with them (IDC, 2008)

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Superiority of SaaS

If you can get the service previously performed by an appliance with the same (or greater) facility but without the appliance to purchase, power, cool and maintain, why wouldn’t you?

There are three main advantages over on-premise installations.

  • Better Manageability
    • No hardware or software to manage
    • Because the service is managed at the Internet layer, there is the opportunity to provide seamless protection to mobile users
    • A redundant data center environment eliminates the single point of failure at the gateway
    • And the solution is highly scalable based on the per user fee schedule. Should an organization wish to grow, simply add additional users to the contract.
  • Better value
    • An appliance will cost an organization a little less than $100 per user, with about 60% of this being allocated to personnel costs. With a SaaS solution, because it is a service requiring no on-site maintenance, the personnel costs allocated to this solution are significantly reduced providing a lower total cost of ownership, per user. Total cost here is a little less than $60 per user per year.
  • Better protection and better overall security
    • Ability to update service infrastructure quickly with latest definitions, heuristics, and web and email reputational analysis
    • Protection from DHA and DDoS attacks by virtue of intercepting email traffic at the Internet layer prior to it reaching a corporate network
    • Advanced features that are not typically included within standard on-premise solutions
    • Ability to enhance layered approach advocated by Chenxi and many other security industry experts
    • Built-in data center redundancy
    • Service level agreements that guarantee service availability

So, you can now protect your users and their on-premises or mobile laptops against the growing threat of spyware and malware at a better price point using SaaS than using an appliance. We can show you how that is possible in your organization. Just fill in the form on the right to arrange for a demonstration or evaluation at 770-603-0300.

Posted on : May 11 2009
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