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Top 10 Reasons to Consider SaaS for Email Archiving



Businesses today have a greater need for email archiving whether to relieve space on the email server or to comply with regulations. The questions most businesses have focus on cost and choosing an on-premise vs. hosted solution. Here are the Top 10 reasons for selecting a SaaS Email Archive solution. Request Information

For businesses of all sizes, especially those that lack the IT resources and budget to support an in-house email archiving solution, software-as-a-service archiving means you can:

1. Implement in days, not months:

Typical on-premise email archiving solutions often take months to deploy when you consider all of the necessary configuration and testing that needs to take place. With SaaS archiving solutions, customers can quickly deploy the web-based system and begin reaping the benefits immediately (which is crucial for organizations facing litigation,

2. Eliminate upfront hardware and software costs:

SaaS solutions often cost less than half of on-premise alternatives and the total cost of ownership for SaaS solutions is generally five to 10 times less than installed software.

3. Reduce the risk of getting it wrong:

Deploying an on-premise archiving solution comes with inherent risks, from mis-configured storage and improperly sized databases to incorrect backup and recovery procedures, which can result in incomplete searches, corrupt archives or damaged audit trails.

4. Rapidly search and retrieve messages:

A SaaS-based archiving solution can help ensure optimal search-and-retrieval speeds, even as your archive grows, because we have built the necessary storage, database and indexing expertise. Many organizations with on-premise archiving solutions only discover the shortcomings of their solution when a critical investigation or compliance request is on their desk.

5. Rest easy with cost-effective availability and reliability:

For many organizations that have limited budgets or IT resources, SaaS-based solutions offer a high availability infrastructure they couldn’t benefit from otherwise. SaaS vendors invest millions of dollars to build and maintain reliable data centers and secure processes.

6. Stop signing new purchase orders for more storage:

SaaS archiving vendors leverage the latest and greatest storage technology at any given time, shielding customers from the complexity and the incremental storage costs that can steadily climb over time with increasing email volumes.

7. Benefit from predictable, monthly pricing:

Unlike traditional, on-premise solutions that have heavy upfront costs and unpredictable expense spikes, SaaS solutions are based on a flat fee per user, per month, no matter how much storage you use.

8. Get transparent, continuous upgrades:

With conventional software, it can often take a full year or more for developers to release newer versions and upgrades. With SaaS-based solutions, you’re always up-to-date because upgrades are automatic, seamless and provided at no additional cost to you.

9. Contact archiving experts anytime:

To meet the high service level agreements today’s IT managers demand, our Client Services team is made up of seasoned archiving professionals whose sole responsibility is to ensure your satisfaction.

10. Refocus your IT resources:

Offload the burden and complexity of keeping your servers, storage, software, databases, backup systems and network up-and-running optimally 24-7-365, and focus on more strategic initiatives to grow your business.

Want to find more abut SaaS for Email Archiving? Email or call us at 770-603-0300 to discuss your unique needs.


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