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Whether you call it Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Service Provider (MSP) or On-Demand Services, your organization uses the service running “in the cloud”. This blog will discuss these services, their benefits, drawbacks and operations. Are we biased? Yes. We believe that some services make sense for most organizations. Email security is one of those. However as Mark Twain said, “All generalizations are false, even this one.” Each Tuesday we will post information and questions about Software as a Service. Occasionally, we will have a "Guest Post" from either a consultant or vendor posting her/his thoughts on Managed Services generally as well as some degree of specificity based on her/his unique perspective. We encourage your insights, comments and feedback. Welcome.

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Are the Email Attack Wars Over?


When was the last time you got hit with an attack via email? Virus-borne email? Malicious Email? Sure, a lot of spam gets handled by our Webroot Email Security service but, it’s mostly just junk mail anymore. So, have the bad guys given up? Not hardly. Just moved on to “easier pickin’s”.

New battleground – Web 2.0

Over 70% of all organizations have some sort of email security now. The thieves are looking for easier targets. Where? According to IDC and several other, 85% of all network attacks now come in via the browser. Normally safe websites often can be hijacked to propagate malware. The average hijacking lasts just 52 hours. Beyond that, according to Gardner, 37% of all information leaks come from web mail/postings. Facebook, Myspace and Bebo have become major distributors of malware. Read more »

Posted on : Oct 06 2009
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