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Whether you call it Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Service Provider (MSP) or On-Demand Services, your organization uses the service running “in the cloud”. This blog will discuss these services, their benefits, drawbacks and operations. Are we biased? Yes. We believe that some services make sense for most organizations. Email security is one of those. However as Mark Twain said, “All generalizations are false, even this one.” Each Tuesday we will post information and questions about Software as a Service. Occasionally, we will have a "Guest Post" from either a consultant or vendor posting her/his thoughts on Managed Services generally as well as some degree of specificity based on her/his unique perspective. We encourage your insights, comments and feedback. Welcome.

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SaaS in the Midst of an Economic Crisis


Chinese symbol for crisisWe are told that the Chinese pictograph for crisis is a combination of “danger” and “opportunity”. Whether this is true or not, both elements are present in a crisis. It is easy to nod and agree in calm economic times but, when you’re in the middle of what seems to be an economic crisis, it is difficult to see the opportunities. We’re in one such situation. Now is not the time to go hide in a corner and wait for “better times”. Now is the time when smart organizations looks at both current and future expenses and seek to economize.

Uncertain economic times bring about contracting reactions. On the one hand, there is a tendency to put projects on hold or to cut back. On the other hand, more pressure is put on sales to increase business and on customer care to retain existing customers. But, what happens to the IT infrastructure? Usually, it is made to make do as it is. But, is that the best thing to do in these times?

When everyone else is standing still is the time to move ahead of the competition. A considered plan of action will reap benefits beyond its normal effect because it is playing out against a slower background.

Area to Consider

  • Where can you get the best ROI for infrastructure changes?

The topics of Managed Services (SaaS) and virtualization have at least been batted around in your staff meetings. If you have put off considering and evaluating them, Now’s the time. Companies are savings thousands in infrastructure costs.

  • What equipment is up for EOL or renewal?

Which services can be consolidated on fewer servers? That last server you purchased may be able to handle more services that must be keep in the data center. Can you move a service from a stand-alone old server to a larger, less used server?

  • Which services can be offloaded to a SaaS provider?

SaaS has come of age. World-wide data centers can process your data faster, less expensively and more securely than you can do many things in-house now. We’re not just talking Email Security here. Web security for internal and mobile users, full-blown Business Continuity with redundant servers in the “cloud” capable of automatically kicking in if your server is unavailable, Business Intelligence are all available now as a Managed Service.

  • Can any server/service be sent off-site to save power and cooling even if it is not up for EOL?

You can now activate a new server in less than an hour and have it appear as being in your server farm. You can activate an entire new service in minutes instead of hours. All with no hardware costs and minimal admin time.

Managed Services have grown beyond the days of desktop and patch maintenance. Now is the time to gain more services while with a tightened budget.

Visit our SaasExperts website to see ways to increase your effective service while reducing your power and cooling costs.

Posted on : Jan 13 2009
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