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Email Archive – Best Practice but Slow Adoption


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Archiving – the set of technologies designed to support the practice of: a) indexing email and other electronic content, b) placing it into archival storage and c) making it readily available via robust search tools – is a critical best practice, but one that many organizations have not yet implemented. For example, Osterman Research forecasts that by year-end 2010, only 47.9% of mid-sized and large organizations in North America will have deployed a true archiving system – the penetration of archiving among smaller organizations is even lower.

Why Slow Adoption?

  • Many decision makers believe that preserving content that could be used in a legal action or a regulatory audit is riskier than deleting that content. In 2010 Osterman Research found that 11% of decision makers believe the least risky approach for their organization is to delete all email content on a regular basis.
  • Many believe that archiving content will create unmanageable storage problems and cost too much to manage, and so they delete content for fear of creating additional storage management difficulties.
  • Many mistakenly believe that their nightly or other regular backups actually represent an archive of their important corporate content

Types of Email Archive Solutions

When choosing an email archiving solution, there are several factors to consider, including corporate, human resources, legal, disaster recovery and industry needs. A comprehensive solution not only helps companies meet corporate, legal and regulatory requirements, it can also help organizations complement their existing email systems (e.g., Microsoft Exchange with Outlook or Lotus Domino with Notes) and achieve a number of other goals.

  • Simplify mailbox management, shrink storage costs and reduce backup windows
  • Protect critical business information and intellectual property
  • Accelerate legal discovery and enforce corporate email policies

Download this informative Whitepaper to see the benefits of SaaS Email Archive.

Posted on : Dec 08 2010
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