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Why migrating to Proofpoint Essentials is right for your business.


Postini is no more. Fact.

In August 2012, Google announced that they were going to integrate the Postini service into its Google Apps framework while simultaneously phasing out Postini Message Filtering Service, Small Business Package and Service Provider Edition.

Postini users are faced with two choices. They can either accept a forced move to Google apps product which offers a slimmed down version of the service they were accustomed to or to look elsewhere for a more appropriate supplier. Postini customers who choose not to transfer their accounts to Google Apps at the point of renewal will have their Postini service terminated, leaving in-boxes open to the ever-evolving cyber security threats that plague email and its users. So, unsurprisingly businesses and users are keen to find the best fit for them as soon as possible.

Why should I Move to Apps and ‘re-examine’ my business needs!

Moving to the Google Apps service is not the convenient option that many Postini users first thought it would be. The migration from Postini to the Google Apps service is manual and does not retain any settings or configurations. Each individual inbox will have to be manually configured by administrators, with individual user settings being lost along with many other favored features.

You shouldn’t have to re-examine your business because Google’s changed!

Following the announced termination of Postini and transition to apps, Google also noted how businesses would have to accept that the service would be different; “The new features in Google Apps will operate differently than those in Postini. Some Postini settings don’t have an exact equivalent to the new features, so you will want to re-examine your business requirements.”

By migrating to Google Apps you also must accept Google’s revised Privacy Policy. This allows the collection of information from the various platforms including Gmail, to better
target their advertising.

Top 5 Reasons to switch to Proofpoint Essentials from Google (Postini)

  1. Postini as you know it is disappearing Maildistiller uniquely offer the closest feature for feature comparison to Postini currently available. Maildistiller offer multi-tenancy like no other offering on the market today. Facilitating Organization Administrator and End-user console access with the appropriate level of access and tools available to make using Proofpoint Essentials as simple as possible – like Postini you set and forget.
  2. Proofpoint Essentials offers more than feature match Maildistiller offers a service provider type solution that beats Postini on security, excels in administrative features and unlike some others in the market Maildistiller will not cause any loss of features. In fact, due to our enhanced feature-set and additional benefits, your user base will see migrating to the Proofpoint Essentials platform as an upgrade.
  3. Proofpoint Essentials can detect phishing attacks and block them from end users. Maildistiller has the ability to leverage Zero-hour Outbreak technologies to detect and quarantine emerging malware threats without exposing such messages to users and leaving decisions of security to the most appropriate level of user.
  4. Proofpoint Essentials provides a suite of Email Continuity capabilities that service both provider and business needs. Maildistiller has advanced continuity features to help businesses stay available even when their email service has outages. Proofpoint Essentials’s Emergency Inbox service comes as standard and has the ability to automatically detect server outages making customer’s email available in an easy-to-use intuitive interface. This level of continuity ensures you are always able to get access to email (a business’s lifeblood) and it protects both customers and service provider’s brands at all times.
  5. Free Managed Migration. Maildistiller can offer industry-leading customer support and concierge migration from Postini to make things easier for you.

We do not believe that you should have to use some faceless tool that is not able to understand your needs or help you make the most of upgrading to Proofpoint Essentials– that’s what our dedicated team is for! Remember Proofpoint Essentials is a focused company that believes in a true partnership with our customers and one that we will work on to ensure it grows and develops far into the future – not something that a migration tool offers. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be treated like a number. You what to be guided through the process by a dedicated and trained individual who takes the time to understand your unique business need, and can answer any queries you might have, so that’s what we’ll do!

Want more information? Call Blended Systems at 770-603-0300 or email us. We’ll set up up with a free evaluation.

Posted on : Dec 20 2012
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