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Wrapped Apps Unveils SaaS for the Masses


Initiative removes the barriers for pay-as-you-go software on the Internet

July 7, 2008: Today Wrapped Apps unveiled a new initiative, code-named ElastX, which will enable businesses and consumers to use software applications from shareware developers and micro-ISVs over the Internet for a low hourly fee through multiple on-line marketplaces. The first phase of the rollout — a SaaS-enablement beta program followed by fully automated SaaS-enablement web site for software authors — will be made available at the Software Industry Conference in Boston July 16, 2008.

ElastX includes an automated “wrapping center” which software authors can use to transform their applications for Internet delivery in minutes, usually without any programming or development. It also includes an application delivery service, operated by Wrapped Apps, which will serve up on-demand applications to Internet users through multiple storefronts, such as shareware download sites, software stores and Internet portals. When fully rolled out in the fall of 2008, ElastX will provide businesses and consumers on the Internet with one-click, immediate access to thousands of applications without the hassle of downloading, installing, subscribing or purchasing them.

“The model of offering applications on-demand, over the Internet, at a low hourly fee, is perfect for shareware developers and micro-ISVs,” said Alain Mercier, CEO of Wrapped Apps. “It enables them to gain revenue from occasional users who otherwise would not pay their licensing fee, and it allows them to adjust their license fee for perpetual licenses to maximize their revenue from power users.”

“I’ve looked at the Wrapped Apps’ technology for SaaS-enabling shareware applications, and I’m very impressed,” says Michael Callahan, aka Dr. File Finder, regarded as the world’s leading expert on shareware and the Chairman of the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation. “It clearly provides a very promising way for shareware authors to make more money from their applications.”

“We believe the on-demand model holds great promise for shareware developers,” said Tomas Diago, President of Softonic, Europe’s leading software download site with over 70,000 freeware, shareware and trial version software titles available. “Our thousands of ISVs and the hundreds of thousands of daily visitors to our site could greatly benefit from this additional service.”

“The ElastX model is unique in the software industry and the SaaS space,” said Jeff Bennett, CEO of ServiceVantage, a company focused on helping software companies migrate to the SaaS model. “Everyone else in the industry is going after the market for enterprise applications on a subscription model. ElastX is true on-demand computing for the masses.”

Wrapped Apps will be working with software authors throughout the summer to SaaS-enable their applications, as well as recruiting shareware download sites, online software stores and other portals to offer ElastX applications to their customers in the fall of 2008. More information about the ElastX initiative is available at www.elastx.com.

About Wrapped Apps

Wrapped Apps provides software vendors with a complete platform to offer their applications on-demand, over the Internet, on a Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS). In contrast to other approaches, which require extensive re-writing of applications and the development of SaaS-specific functionality, Wrapped Apps can provide web-enablement, multi-tenancy and other SaaS features with little or no changes to existing applications. The Wrapped Apps approach saves money, reduces time-to-market, and does not disrupt the software vendor’s development schedule. Wrapped Apps is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and has customers and business partners throughout the world.

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Posted on : Jul 29 2008
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