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There have been one major change in the Spam tab in the April 2014 release of Proofpoint Essentials.

Options for Handling Bulk Mail

Proofpoint Essentials does not ordinarily quarantine legitimate bulk-email. That is, email that is sent to a large list of recipients who have either directly or passively agreed to receive communications from the sender or senders.

The spam score now factors in a 'bulk' score that is provided using Proofpoint’s MLX technology. Depending on the bulk score, which can range anywhere from 0-100, some weight will be added to the spam score. In this scenario Bulk mail will be quarantined depending on these factors:

  1. How high it scores as spam
  2. How high it scores on bulk
  3. The company/user’s spam setting

We have also added a "Quarantine bulk mail" flag to the spam configuration screen. This option allows organizations to add much more weight to the spam score based on Bulk, and, as a result, quarantine bulk mail.