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Email Compliance

Odds are very high that your organization or firm is subject to some regulation on how to retain records. Some industries face stricter rules than others. Organizations such as those in health care are governed by different rules than the financial sector as they need to adhere to HIPAA guidelines. Regulations are something that just about any organization has to deal with. However, the real challenge is to know which guidelines to adhere to and to keep up to date as they are constantly changing.


Common regulations that organizations adhere to include:

*this is not a complete list of compliance regulation for the above specified industries.


Compliance – How It Works

Organizations from all industries or services have the daunting task of monitoring electronic messages to ensure the strict adherence to regulatory or corporate policies. Messages received by the archive are compared to the user created polices and any messages that violate the established policy will have a pre-determined action triggered. This action may include notifying the offender directly; notify the offender’s manager, or notifying the organizations Compliance Officer.

The Compliance Officer can review the statistics maintained by the appliance; detailed statistical information is maintained on a daily basis. Compliance Officers can review the detailed violation statistics by rule.