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Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving

Email archiving with Exchange possible through either standard or envelope journaling. All journaled email is placed in the journaling mailbox. The email is either automatically forwarded to the email archive solution or is periodically fetched and forwarded depending on the version of Exchange and the email archive solution.

Email Archiving Types:

Microsoft Exchange servers offer email archiving through the journaling feature. There are two types of journaling:

  • Email Archiving with Standard Journaling

Exchange email archiving through standard journaling is available on Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP2 and 2003. This journaling method creates a copy of each incoming, outgoing and internal email and places it in a journaling user mailbox. The messages are copied in their original form and the BCC and CC fields are lost using this method.

  • Email Archiving with Envelope Journaling

Exchange email archiving through envelope journaling is an advanced method available in Microsoft Exchange 2000 SP2, 2003 and 2007. Emails archived through this method are preserved in their original form. The original email, before it is split into multiple emails for delivery, is loaded in an envelope that preserves both BCC and CC fields and all the recipients of the original email. This allows the email archive solution to capture and archive all of the email fields and make them available for search.

Exchange 2000 Email Archiving

Microsoft introduced journaling mechanism in the service pack 2 of Exchange 2000. This allows email archiving using both the standard and enveloped journaling method. Both on-premise and hosted email archive solutions can archive email using both standard and enveloped journaling.

Exchange 2003 Email Archiving

Email archiving with Exchange 2003 is similar to its predecessor in both the configuration and features. Both standard or enveloped journaling are available. The email archive solution should be able to receive the email messages via SMTP (real-time) or periodically through IMAP or POP.

Exchange 2007 Email Archiving

Journaling configuration in Microsoft Exchange 2007 has changes significantly in both the journal format and Exchange configuration. Only envelope journaling is available as of service pack two. Journaling is now enabled on the Exchange transport node. Archived email is sent directly to the email appliance or hosted solution.