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Reduce the headaches and costs of email security management with Email Security Software as a Service (SaaS). You can more easily support compliance requirements and assure comprehensive data security.

  • Lower upfront costs and improve total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating need to purchase and manage on-premise hardware and software.
  • Stop 100 percent of known viruses and 98 percent of spam with a 99.999 percent up-time guarantee.
  • Enable email policy customization, visibility and reporting with a secure Web-based management portal.
  • Scale easily to accommodate business growth with a pay-for-use model.
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Gain 100 Percent Protection

Multiple best-of-breed signature engines deliver guaranteed 100 percent protection against known viruses. Additional zero-hour and heuristic filters identify new and unknown viruses with minimal impact on scan time and service delivery.

Block Spam Efficiently

Connection management and integration of best-of-breed filters to block 98 percent of all spam with the lowest possible rate of false positives.

Protect Against Backscatter

Backscatter occurs when a spammer spoofs a legitimate email address to send an unsolicited message to large distribution lists. This causes the email server to flood an unsuspecting email address owner’s mailbox with hundreds or thousands of failed delivery messages. Postini employs an advanced technique called Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) that provides robust protection for your business:

  • Every sent message is marked with a timestamp and unique cryptographic signature that cannot be duplicated.
  • Failed delivery messages that do not reference this signature are marked as spam and blocked from entering the user’s mailbox.

Neutralize Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

DDoS attacks on mail servers can disrupt a company’s email communications. When email traffic is routed through Email Security SaaS, the attacks are neutralized before they reach the network.

Terminate Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA)

Spammers use DHAs in an attempt to locate valid email addresses by guessing permutations of common user names and attaching the domain name. Postini’s service transparently consumes these emails instead of publicly rejecting them. Your organization is protected from DHA threats and divulging email addresses.

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