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Who is required to comply?
Any entity who could be summoned in a US civil law suit. Both residents and businesses in the US, and companies conducting business or transactions with said entities.

What is it?

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or commonly referred to as the FRCP, are court rules for civil lawsuits in the US federal court system. The FRCP is broken down into thirteen sections, each containing a set of rules to define the procedures of the civil lawsuit process. Amendments to the FRCP on December 1, 2006 addressed and approved changes to regulations on electronically stored information (ESI) requiring all data compilations to be available for discovery requests.

What are the requirements?
The FCRP mandates that any party involved in litigation must be able to produce electronically stored information in as little as fourteen days. Furthermore, information must be obtained in an easily accessible form, typically its native format.

What is the cost of non-compliance?

Both your and the other parties court costs, heavy fines and loss of corporate reputation.

What is the significance of FRCP?
The FRCP is designed to provide corporate accountability during discovery requests for litigation. The FRCP ensures that email, which is a critical portion of corporate records, is archived, searchable and useable to extract information during the discovery process.