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Email Encryption

Comply With Ease

The Encryption Service helps you comply with data and regulatory compliance requirements by securing email communications that may contain intellectual property, sensitive customer information, financial records or other internal privacy data.

As a standard part of the email service, all mail is put through a managed encryption service that provides Transport Layer Security (TLS). This transparent mechanism encrypts data on a peer-to-peer basis, such as between messaging servers. Users can quickly and easily encrypt private, confidential and sensitive emails, along with any attachments, with the assurance these communications can be decrypted only by intended recipients.

Each license for this service allows an unlimited number of encrypted emails to be sent, assuring timely business communications and no service outages.

Integrate Compliance Dictionaries

The content scanning engine includes integrated, customized compliance dictionaries and templates to help you design content control policies to meet industry and regulatory standards such as HIPPA, GLBA, PCI and others. You can create rules to scan outbound email content using these dictionaries to prevent against data loss and to ensure company compliance.

Acquire Enhanced Data Loss Protection

Deep Content Scanning provides enhanced data loss protection (DLP) by scanning inbound and outbound email file attachments. One of the leading threats to network security is exposure of confidential information and data loss via corporate email communications. Webroot mitigates this risk by:

  • Inspecting content embedded within file attachments
  • Providing remediation according to company email policy
  • Extending the integrated compliance lexicon into file attachment scanning to strengthen company compliance and regulatory practices and to enhance data loss protection capabilities

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